The former ‘90s industrial warehouse has been converted into a music school through the subdivision of the open ground oor into three adjoining spaces. Classrooms and practice rooms are framed by mixed metal and wood structure leaving at the center an open stage for exhibition trainings and workshops. Classess and practice rooms have been shaped inside a sequence of poligonal and irregulare space with the twofold aim to improve the quality of sound, with no parallel walls, and the goal to enrich the spatial perception of every the single rooms, that so is di erent from the others. The project adopts an a itude able to both, stimulate the creativity with a non regular and hinged series of spaces and, as well, a careful a ention to not impose its presence over the music activities that has to host. The whole operation to realize the academy has been self-constructed by the private promoters.

Client: Associazione L'opificio - Fucina musicale
Date: 2016
opificio 11
opificio 10
opificio 9
opificio 8
opificio 7
opificio 6
opificio 5
opificio 4
opificio 3
opificio 2
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